BITZ Power Tongs Ltd.


Pickup And Laydown Service Edson, Alberta


Power Tong Trucks Certified Equipment | Edson, Alberta 

BITZ Power Tongs Lts. is committed to Health, Safety & the Environment.

All Levels of employees are responsible and held accountable for the Company's overall Health, Safety & Environment Management will set an example and provide leadership; continuously review of operating guidelines; safe work practices; equipment standards.
we only use power tong trucks certified equipment in Edson, Alberta. We have various Computer Monitoring Systems that we use to keep everything safe and in check, such as computer torque monitoring and Alweight torque monitoring systems.  

Bitz Power Tongs Ltd. will strive to meet all legislative requirements regarding Health & Safety &Environment, and all Employees are expected to comply with these legislative requirements.

All Employees, including Contractors and Sub-Contractors: are responsible for safe work and efficient job preformance with the emphisis on a cooperative attitude with fellow Workers, Supervisors and Management.

The goal of BITZ Power Tongs Ltd. is for all Employees to work in a healthy and injury free workplace. With commitment form Management and Employees , and by working together in all aspects of the Health & Safety Program we can truly achieve our goal.

BITZ Power Tongs Ltd. has been COR Certified since 1998.

BITZ Power Tongs Ltd. isa registered member with both ISNetworld & Comply Works.

All employess receive Mandatory training in: Standard First Aid, H2S Alive, WHMIS 2015, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), PST, and EGSO.

Drug and Alcohol testing policy in place.

All of our trucks have GPS Units installed and Positive Air shutoffs.

All Tong units have Hydraulic Door Lockouts.